GESTIONALIA Externalización y Servicios, S.A. - Asesoría contable, fiscal y laboral. Externalización económico-financiera. Subvenciones. 

No olvides que dar un consejo es contraer un compromiso, cuando menos.
Juan Zorrilla de San Martín (1855-1931)
Periodista, ensayista y poeta uruguayo

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Economic-Financial Management

Gestionalia offers a range of services meant to provide its clients with reliable and specific economic-financial information for a better business control and follow up.

Our services include a wide range of activities:

  • Economic-financial management for those companies which lack this position
  • Design of processes related to the economic-financial area and implementation of working methodology
  • Design of management reporting
  • Accounting and management reports
  • Management control and Balanced Scorecard
  • Assets control and management
  • Treasury management
  • Accounts receivable and accounts payable management
  • Assistance for accounting processes
  • Tax payment and financial tasks

Our flexible services can be adapted to our clients' needs and capacity. Our working method varies according to the type of business: we may either work in-house adapting ourselves to their organization or at our premises ensuring constant communication and information flow. We may implement our technology or make use of our client's. But regardless the method followed, our professional team is always ready to assist our clients to look after their business and to give legal advice any time.

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