GESTIONALIA Externalización y Servicios, S.A. - Asesoría contable, fiscal y laboral. Externalización económico-financiera. Subvenciones. 

The value of trust

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These are the financing search related services provided by Gestionalia:

Analysis, management and subsidies procedures



The aim is to schedule and manage subsidized projects, including every application procedure, justification, collections and file closing.

We look into every applied subsidy, into the chance of a joint application to different subsidies at the same time, and we decide on the application design according to profitability, compatibility and concession guidelines stated in the announcement.

It is very important for us how the documents are presented and the quality of this documentation, as we believe these directly influenced on file assessment and qualification (percentage). So, in order to put our clients' mind at rest, we personally prepare the documents and are in charge of every procedure leading to obtaining the subsidy.

Project management is carried out with the highest professionalism and the experience of long-term experts in obtaining public funds.  

Assistance in projects based on granted subsidies


Based on our experience, we know that once a subsidy has been granted, companies forget about the remaining procedures to obtain the funds. Then, they encounter serious problems to get the money finally.

As a consequence, we have developed a service to inform and give advice to companies with granted investment projects to successfully follow up and justify the subsidized investment in order to get paid the whole subsidy. And if the company ask for it, we may go a step further and get in charge of the whole long, tedious, and complicated process of justifying and following up on the subsidy.

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